My Voodoo Doughnut experience

Voodoo Doughnut is as scary as it sounds. Inside their pink walled black and white tiled floor establishment is a monster. It is set free upon your arrival, ready to attack at anytime. It will hunt you down, follow you into your dreams, and probe your hunger. That’s how good these doughnuts are, they can turn an ex anorexic model into a 300 pound, overweight mother of 6.


My friends crazy eyes as we get ready to enter.

I arrived on 1520 E Colfax at around 10 am on a Sunday morning. A friend of mine visiting from San Francisco had desperately wanted to go since this was the only Voodoo Doughnut’s outside of Oregon. We were surprised with the line of patrons waiting to taste a bit of black magic. We thought Sunday would be a good day to go, since everyone would be out at church or sleeping in. The line went down the block and by the time we left was around the corner. With low temperatures outside it started to snow, but we stood our ground. The wait was an hour but didn’t matter once we got our pink boxes.

Image Image

One problem I had with this place was the cash only policy. Me being a “charge it” kind of gal, I had to scramble around for a 10 dollar bill. Other voodoo patrons were not as lucky and had to hit up the atm. I arrived at the counter overwhelmed with what to choose. The signage was tiny, making the 1’s look like 7’s. This caused me to have to wait till I was at the front to decide what I wanted. I asked the heavily tattooed and large gauged man behind the counter to get me a box of any doughnuts as long as it came to ten dollars even. I was afraid that the doughnuts would be a disappointment…I mean look at them…they just like like doughnuts with anything and everything on top. But I digress, I loved them so much I wish I got a few more boxes to take home!



I’m so happy to be there…

The dough was soft and the toppings were actually very well thought out. I loved the Old Dirty Bastard doughnut for its crunch and sweet chocolate, balanced out by the peanut butter. My least favorite was the Grape Ape doughnut…which tasted like a flower. But anyways I’m no food expert, listed in order from my fav to least fave were the five doughnuts I received:






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