New York: The First Days

I’ll be honest with you, my expectations for the big apple were really high…and the city did not meet them. A long time fan of Sex and the City I wanted the New York Carrie had, but maybe that only existed in the 90s.

Day 1

I got to LaGuardia airport around 3pm with my DVF luggage and hailed a cab. It was peak hours which meant more time and more traffic. My (what is usually $30) cab fare turned out to be $60. I was dropped off on the corner of 14th Street and 5th Ave in Greenwich village where I would be staying for the next 7 days. The streets looked exactly like they did in the movies, minus the romance of New York City. Since I arrived at my destination later then I had anticipated all I really did was put away my luggage, walk up and down 5th Ave, and grabbed dinner at a great little sandwich shop called Croque Monsieur…and that was that.


The New School – <<Home>> for 7 Days


edit 3

Croque Monsieur – Interior

Edit 1

Croque Monsieur – Mirrors to make you cry





edit 2

Menu – Number 6


Night View from Bedroom





Day 2

My first official day in New York started with tea and a walk to Washington Square Park. Growing up I always thought that New York would be my home so upon this first visit I wanted something to click, making me yern for the city. That didn’t happen. As I walked the streets that first morning I felt a wave of disappointment. Had my expectations been to high?

IMG_7129Before my tour at the NYU’s welcome center I encountered a group of protesters at Washington Square Park demonstrating in front of the famous Arch. I was intrigued but honestly had no time to gawk. I was here visiting NYU for its possibility of graduate school. Being in my top five choices I was excited to see what the school could offer. The tour and information center we’re quite dry (just like any college tour) but I got to see a good amount of Greenwich village in a short amount of time. My favorite feature of NYU was a small, privately owned street that consisted of offices reminiscent of Europe.

NYU's private street

NYU’s private street

At the end of the tour I walked up and down 5th Ave again, taking in the sights. Madison Square park was packed with dogs and business men trying not to get shit on their shoes. It was rather cold so I jumped from store to store to keep warm. This only reminded me of how poor I was. After the park my friend and I attended the Bard Graduate Center’s life drawing session located on the upper west side in which models posed for 2, 5, and 10 minutes. The neighborhood was beautiful! Clean and classy, now this is the New York I could get used to.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

Bard Graduate Center

Bard Graduate Center



Brooklyn Streets

By the end of the night we were exhausted but went on over to Brooklyn for a house party. I always knew that this area of New York wasn’t the classiest (my experience from Gossip Girl) but now I was able to experience it for myself. We took the Q to Parkview Ave and as soon as I stepped over the subway platform I was greeted by the smell of vomit. Pink chunks of who knows what surrounded the, already dirty, subway tiles. I tried hard to ignore the stench as I made my way up the stairs. The party was located in a nice, renevonated 3 bedroom townhome with roof access. I wont bore you with details about the part since it was just…alright. Very Brooklyn, I guess we could say.

The next morning I found the neighborhood to look a bit more charming (but not by much) as we made our way back to Manhattan. All I could think about was how much this area looked just like the show Girls.

Until my next post, Khoa Sinclair

End Days 1 and 2


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