New York: Upper East Side

In my most recent post I spoke about the lack of connection I felt to New York. Its busy, loud, and mostly rude. But there must be something about the city that never sleeps which attracts so many people. Theres a sense of glamour and attraction that people always speak of. I hadn’t experienced this yet, but maybe I was looking for it in the wrong places.


Day 3


View From my Room

My day started fairly late considering I spent the night in Brooklyn and didn’t go home until around noon. We stopped by the Christmas Market at Union Square Park and had a good look around. Having not showered yet, my friend and decided to eat lunch at her school rather than go out and face the public. But ironically, I ran into some familiar faces that caused for an awkward situation, but thats all I’ll say about that.

IMG_7146 IMG_7149





After showering and getting ready I decided to wear a fringe leather jacket with some vintage Chanel. I was going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art after all so I needed to channel by inner Gossip Girl. I took the subway uptown to the upper east side and got off feeling incredibly fresh. The neighborhood looked just like it did in the movies. Clean streets (not entirely but mostly), beautiful walk ups, and designer shops. I had spoken about wanting this thing to “click” on the inside once I got off the plane in New York, but it never happened. However, once I walked up those dirty subway steps onto 5th, I was enchanted. The beautiful upper east side made me feel at home.



day 32

Met: Outside


Met: Inside

I spent some time shopping at the famous consignment shops around 5th and grabbed a cafe au lait before heading to the Met. The shops were still out of my price range but it was nice to look… The Met is free for all students regardless of residency. It looked just like a scene out of Gossip Girl. The steps were clean and pristine. I was amazed at how large the building was and was so excited to spend my afternoon crying over pieces I had studied in my text books. I couldn’t wait to get inside. There we’re some great exhibits going on alongside their usual ones. I spent a good 5 hours at the museum just marveling at the extensive art collection. I was so excited to see a Pollock, Clyfford Still, Lichtenstein and many more in person. I won’t bore you with details but will include some of my favorite pieces below.


IMG_7183 IMG_7256

IMG_7185 IMG_7188IMG_7251


Me With a Lichtenstein

IMG_7246 IMG_7219IMG_7248 IMG_7263 IMG_7264 IMG_7270IMG_7274IMG_7277IMG_7279

Once I got back to the east village my friend and I took a trip further down south. We ended up at Curry-ya, a very small, very delicious Japanese comfort food restaurant. I got the classic curry over rice which was just the right amount of spicy. Spot Dessert Bar located in St. Marks Place was next on our list. We waited almost an hour for a table, but when our desserts came out it was 100% worth it. I ordered a toffee dessert which contained this: A hot, out of the oven, toffee cake in a pool of cinnamon cream, topped with vanilla bean ice cream, and a light french wafer. That was exactly what I needed to end my night with. My walk home made me fall even more in love with New York City. The lights, the street art, the sights…it’s a lot to take in. I’ll add some images below but be sure to follow my Instagram for some great pictures from my trip.

Until next time, stay fresh.


NYC Night Views

IMG_7296 IMG_7297



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