New York: The Highline, Chelsea Market, and China Town

My next few days in New York just got better and better. I got to visit the Highline which served up some amazing views. I then stopped by the Chelsea Market which had great local crafters and food. The next day I took the subway to Canal St. and spent the entire day in China town before stopping by the West Village for some shopping. It was splendid and made me fall even more in love with New York City.


Day 4 

We started the day late, first grabbing breakfast at my friends school once again (to save some money for lunch). The weather was beautiful so I took this opportunity to dress a bit lighter. I choose a black button up, bedazzled Elizabeth and James scuba jacket, houndstooth trousers, and my trusty Chanel fanny pack inspired by miss Carrie Bradshaw herself. We made our way to the Highline from Chelsea which put us right next to the Hudson.


OOTD with a View

   IMG_7410 IMG_7412

The Highline had great views of the Chelsea Pier as well as the new buildings coming up. It was a great combination to see New New York alongside Old New York. After walking the path and taking pictures like tourist, we decided to walk down to the pier and take more cheesy photos.


View form the Park


The Chelsea market was next on our list, located on 9th and 15th it only took us a few minutes to walk there. It was a Sunday so the market was packed. We stopped by multiple shops which sold local only pieces. I got some super cute rings for my sister at a shop called Brooklyn Charm. We made our way through the larger than life market admiring and awing all the things it had to offer. Our last stop for the day was at Sarabeths Bakery in which we indulged in some great drinks and desserts.


Seen at the Chelsea Market


Day 5


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Day five in New York was one of my favorites. This day was spent in Chinatown marveling at the extended Asian cultures that we have so little of here in Denver. Chinatown was much larger than I had expected it to be, so by the end of the day my ankles were seeking a comfy sofa. I spent most of my time just looking and wondering the streets. Getting lost, seeing new sights, and getting even more lost. At one point I even found myself at the edge of the Manhattan bridge which served quite a sight. I had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant which brought me some home cooking, multiple desserts which included several flavors of egg custard, and spent the rest of my “tourist” money on 10 for $10 key chains and 50 cent post cards.



The Two Bridges

IMG_7435 IMG_7434

At the end of the day I ventured back to the west village to visit one of my new favorite stores, In Support Of. I had been there the day before but needed more time to actually explore. There were great, unique pieces that you could only find in New York City. I had to decided between a Karolyn Pho vest or a Nanushka blazer. I went with the blazer which had divine details. I will add and OOTD look for this piece real soon!

The night ended with a relaxing dinner of leftovers while I watched Girls. Best day ever!


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