New York: Rockefeller Center, The MOMA, and NY Public Library

New York just kept getting better and better. This day was packed with NYC tourist realness. My friend (a student at Parsons) and I decided that today was the day to see it all. Today was the day we would gawk at the tall buildings and city lights with no tourist shame. Take pictures, block traffic, and just feel New York City.


Day 4


Before starting the day and making the trip to the subway we both decide to stop by Le Cafe Coffee in the village. They serve the best lavender and red tea lattes, as well as doughnuts. I got myself a great breakfast full of sugar to help me survive the subway ride. We got off the train at our stop and were instantly surrounded by business men and woman. The area was busy and it made me understand why New Yorkers hate tourist so much…

IMG_20141216_132114 IMG_20141216_132132 IMG_20141216_132258 IMG_20141216_132314 IMG_20141216_140521 IMG_20141216_140526Next came a shopping trip (window shopping). 5th Ave was only a short walk away so why not hit up the shops? We were amazed by the famous Bergdorf, Saks, and Macys windows. It was truly magical…theres just something about Christmas in New York.



IMG_20141216_145333 IMG_20141216_145437 IMG_20141216_151124



The last stop of the day was one for the books. 5th and 53rd, the MOMA. There was a special exhibit of Matisse’s famous cut outs displayed in a variety of fashions. Large scale, stained glass, you name it it was there. There was even a foot by foot recreation of Matisse’s dining room. The MOMA was exquisite. Floors of Frida Kahlo, Picasso, and Ensor made this an art mecca for art majors. It was a packed day for sure because before going home we stopped by the NY Public Library! I’ve always been enchanted by this place ever since the first Sex and the City movie. It was just as beautiful as you can imagine. A great way to end the night.

IMG_20141216_151333 IMG_20141216_151527 IMG_20141216_151614 IMG_20141216_155011 IMG_20141216_155319 IMG_20141216_162025 IMG_20141216_163955 IMG_20141216_180123 IMG_20141216_180253

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

IMG_20141216_183728 IMG_20141216_183907

I hope you all enjoyed this post. It was a bit shorter on text but I wanted to showcase some great images! The next post will be about my final days in NYC and how I stalled so long to leave that I almost missed my flight. Until next time! Stay fresh, Khoa Sinclair.



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