Phillip Lim Leather Jacket


Its 2015 and I’m finally posting a street style post. I’ve been having trouble with this idea of being a “fashion blogger.” I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. It seems a bit pretentious and frivolous. I get sick of seeing bloggers post images of bags and shoes with bad Taylor Swift lyrics as a caption.

But this is the age of technology. The minds of our generation focus on likes, double taps, and hashtags. If its not online it never happened. I needed to remove this idea from my thoughts and remind myself why I like to share my street style post. I like to encourage and inspire forms of being. Everyone should be able to wear head to toe sequence or neon yellow anytime, any where. But as a society our suppression of style is overcome by those “frivolous” thoughts. Why is it okay to wear sweat pants to the store but when I throw on a black YSL smoking jacket its over the top?

There no answer simpler then the saying, Haters gonna hate. We have to gain a resistance to not care, not give a fu*k. If you want to humble brag and post pictures of your Gucci shopping spree online then do it! If you want to wear head to toe prints to just run errands, then hell yeah! Fashion and style will act as the force field that is your armor.

The multitude of possibilities your personal style will do for you can only be good. Except for your credit card that is…


IMG_7749 IMG_7754

Jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim // Sweater: Banana Republic // Pants: J Crew // Shoes: YRU // Clutch: Saint Laurent


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