Vintage Versace


It was cold today so I busted out the Vintage Versace. This black and white mock turtle neck still has the original “Gianni Versace” tags and was obtained in Italy. I’ve had it for years and was ecstatic when I found it in a small boutique in Bologna. I paired this piece with a thrift store jacket that I relate back to New York street style. The large silhouette is perfect for this winter weather. Black jeans are a must which I paired with these new Valentino Rock Stud Boots. Neiman Marcus is my hotspot for shoes in Denver and the staff is always friendly. My Chloe Baylee bag finished off the outfit, keeping in tone with this gray weather. This was primary a homework day which consisted of writing and reading…super fun I know. However, I was able to visit my favorite coffee shop, Stellas, and get ma shit done!

IMG_7759 IMG_7769 IMG_7776


Sweater: Vintage Versace //  Jeans: J. Crew // Jacket: Buffalo Exchange Denver // Boots: Valentino // Bag: Chloe

PS, If you’re in the mood for a throw back:


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