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Hey everyone, long time no see. I just wanted to do this quick post and let you all know I was featured on a Denver based fashion blog. I was scouted on the street by Amanda Kister, the founder of 9th and Auraria. I did a mini interview with the team there so I’ll include a sneak peak below. But if you want to read the entire thing you’ll have to head on over to 9th and Auraria. It was a great processes and reminded me of why fashion is such a central part of my life.


2015-02-12 11.41.35 1

Define fashion to you.
“Fashion is the ability to go between worlds. Stylish individuals are so in tune with how they want to look and present themselves — it’s an immediate transaction. You are able to let people know who you are, and you are able to let others judge you on your own terms. With fashion, you do not have to be the same person — it can change daily based on your outfit.”Tell me about what you are wearing.
“I’m wearing a Balenciaga turtleneck and Helmut Lang relaxed denim pants with black, faux suede YRU platform sneakers, Chloe Baylee bag, gold vintage Gucci watch, two Tiffany sterling silver rings, and David Yurman Wheaton rings.”

How would you describe your style?
“I have two voices in my head — the Parisian, toned down, yet classic individual, and the New Yorker, the one who wears clear, platform sneakers and sequined shirts. It really depends on my mood. Typically, the New Yorker takes priority, though, I regard my style as classic, while still standing out. I like to incorporate drastic pieces. With two different psyches at play, my style is showcased through whatever occurs each day — and I end up being that person. Fashion allows you to be whoever you want, and ultimately, explore different parts of myself.”

Be sure to check out the blog to see the rest! Just click here.

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